I grew up in this House


I grew up in this House
This House
is my Home
I ran and played and fell outside of this House
I laughed and cried and learned inside of this House
Before this House, my family had lost Homes
The beautiful stone Homes of Majdal Yaba and Calonia
they were forced out of
The squalor refugee Homes in Amman and Zarqa
they were pushed out of

I never knew our past Homes

I did not grow up with rolling hills or olive trees
I did not grow up with camps or military checkpoints

What I know is a small, one story brick House
Three bedrooms and one bathroom that we always competed over
I grew up in this House
Palestinian tatreez, old maps, and mint leaves
to recreate the memories of our previous Homes
And when I leave this House
Its memory would not be forgotten
This is the only Home I know and remember
My grandparents and parents hold on to our previous Homes
In their minds and in their hearts
This House
is just one of our Homes
I grew up in this House
-Palestinian in Diaspora